Reiki for Pets


What is Reiki?

Reiki is non-religious and non-invasive. It is a gentle, powerful form of energy healing channeled through the practitioner’s hands. With pets, we often perform Reiki with our hands just above their body as not all pets enjoy being touched by a stranger. Reiki relieves stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation, calms your pet and clears blockages and negative energy.

Pets and humans often share each other’s physical and emotional feelings. Animals are natural healers; they can take on their human’s problems and energy, be it negative or positive so be very mindful of the energy that you are putting out there! Animals are very sensitive to energy and they love Reiki because it’s a positive, happy experience for them.

Why Reiki?

Animals love the pure spiritual energy that is Reiki. They know the powerful healing benefits and how it helps them. If your pet is suffering from stress, anxiety, illness, be it physical or emotional, then Reiki will definitely benefit your pet.

Animals will often position themselves during a treatment so that the Reiki energy flows to exactly where they need it most. Whether that is an injured area or a painful joint, the animals will recognize the healing power of Reiki and absorb the energy.

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