Pet Memorial

The best choice for pet parents looking to give their precious furkid a final, proper, dignified goodbye.

For centuries, we have held funeral rituals and memorial services for our human family and loved ones who have passed on. Why don’t we do it for our pets, especially since they too, are very much a part of our family? After all, they have given their entire life to us, giving us love, companionship and joy.

We have been holding pet memorials for our own and friends’ dogs, and everyone who has attended them told us what an excellent idea it was. It not only allows us to grieve, it provides us with the opportunity to cope and gives us a closure. Pet memorials allow friends and loved ones to come and pay their respects, to celebrate life and more importantly, for your dog’s friends to come and pay their respects and say goodbye. We have found this especially helpful for families with more than one dog. It allows the other resident dogs to come to terms as well.

Contact us. Let us arrange a dignified farewell that honours your pet’s life.

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