Glorious Food

We believe, you are what you eat. Would you eat food packed with toxins and preservatives? Would you feed that to your dog?

Commercial diets are often the cause of kidney and liver failure. These foods are often full of fillers like corn and have no nutritional value. Even some of the most expensive commercial diets are guilty of using fillers, and what that does is, it gives your dog really expensive poop! We recommend you feed your dog home cooked food, unless your dog has been prescribed a special diet by the vet.

By feeding your dog home cooked food, you know exactly what they are eating. It’s also much easier to rule out allergies. Especially for senior dogs who may be prone to kidney issues or heart problems, you may need to feed them a low protein or clean, lean diet.

We have a wide range of meals and our distinguished doggy guests will have a selection of either a Basic or Gourmet meal.

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