Admission Requirements & Criteria

Small Breed

10 years and above

weigh below 8kg

Medium Breed

9 years and above

weigh below 16kg

Large Breed

8 years and above

weigh below 25kg

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  • No history of aggression
  • No bite history
  • If your dog is wary, shy or shows signs of distress in our environment, we would recommend that you find alternative boarding.

Health Requirements

Because it’s a senior dog, we understand that your dog may not be fully vaccinated or be on tick or heartworm prevention. However, the onus is on the owner to have their dog on essential oils or gentler, non-toxic tick prevention methods.

We try our best to keep our garden and home tick free, coupled with regular pest control management. However, we will not be liable if your dog goes home with ticks. We try our best, but sometimes despite all our preventive measures, the inevitable happens.

A visual screening will be carried out upon admission. We also require a letter from your dog’s veterinarian, not older than 3 month’s prior to admission.

This letter should state :

  1. Your dog’s present health conditions
  2. Age, breed, sex
  3. Microchip number, last vaccination date, is your dog sterilized
  4. Last tick and heartworm application / what was used
  5. Did your dog ever have parvo virus or distemper
  6. Any history of seizures

Upon admission, dogs must NOT be showing signs of ill health such as nasal discharge, ringworms, suspicious skin issues or any other transmissible diseases. Heartcave reserves the right to refuse admission to dogs that appear unwell.

Should we find tick on your dog at any point during their stay with us, owners are required to pick their dog up immediately.

Trial & Observation

All new registrations must sign up for a trial & observation session at $70/- for overnight trial (24hrs).

During the overnight trial, our staff will observe the behavior and temperament of your dog. Your dog should not appear to be distressed. If he is, it is unlikely that he will enjoy himself in our environment.

Our trial sessions are by appointment only. Should your dog be extremely distressed, we may call you to pick your dog up before the 24 hour trial & observation period is up. You will be required to pick your dog up with the hour and there will be no refund if your dog leaves earlier.

Although we welcome visitors as we believe that it is important for you to check out our facility before entrusting your dog with us, we also appreciate that visitors make an appointment with us, prior to visiting. Visitors without an appointment will be refused entry.

No visitors are allowed without prior bookings / appointments.

Things to Bring

  • Dog's bedding / towels
  • Owner’s shirt or something comforting from home
  • Dog's own food
  • Dog's own treats (optional)
  • Toys
  • Medications

Owners are welcome to bring your dog's belonging to make your dog feel at home. We are unable to assure you that it will be returned in the same condition but we will try our utmost best to.

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